Synbiont Agricultural Wash


Helps meet the biosececurity protocols for preventing EHV-1, E. colo, Samonella, H1N1 bacteria, funguses and viruses

Food Grade Safe
Safe to use around the most sensitive animals

Regardless of the type of animals you have or what you do with them, SynBioNt Agricultural Wash can help clean your animals and the areas they live of deadly viruses, fugues and bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella and EHV-1.

Directions for use: For animal stalls, living areas and equipment that may be contaminated or soiled: dilute one (1) part of Ag Wash to fifty (50) parts of water. Throughly drench the entire living area to be cleaned using a pump up sprayer or hose attachment.

Fragrance Free
Dye Free

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