Sherry Cervi Diamond Floral Dee Ring Square Snaffle Bit


Sherry Cervi's Signature Collection bits have an excellent feel for quick pickup and release. Mouthpieces of stainless steel and available in many options and degrees of control. 

"I see a lot of barrel racers who reach for the most severe bit in the trailer at the slightest resistance rather than following a natural progression. You should always start mild and work your way up only if needed. I recommend starting a colt or charging horse with mild bits to teach them to yield to pressure while building confidence and establishing correct body position. That's why I start with my smooth D-ring snaffle before anything else, and then move up to the Diamond Draw series." 

-Sherry Cervi 

This bit features a square snaffle mouthpiece, antique dee rings with copper diamonds and floral detail. Designed to help soften your horse's mouth and build sensitivity. Use it to soften finished horses and start colts.

  • 5" Mouth
  • 3" Rings

*Please Note - This item may drop ship from the manufacturer.