Professional's Choice 7 Shank Silver Collection


This 7 Shank is 8” long providing some extra leverage. There is quite a bit of weight behind the mouthpiece, which allows a quick release from the rider’s hands. 5-1/8" Mouth.

  1. The correction mouthpiece provides collection from the port, while the swivel encourages both flex and bend in the horse’s body.
  2. The twisted bar correction port is a very good all-around mouthpiece. It is slightly more aggressive over the bars, which is good for a horse that wants to push on the rider. The port provides the benefit of collection while the swivel encourages flex and bend throughout the body. 2" Port.
  3. The medium port is mild, but delivers collection and break at the poll. 1-1/2" Port.
  4. The ported chain mouthpiece encourages collection from the port, while chain allows for significant bend. 1-1/2" Port.
  5. The smooth bar swivel port provides both collection and independent cheek action. This helps the rider to effectively lift one shoulder at a time. 1-1/2" Port.


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