7K Something Steer Sled (without dummy)


The Something Steer Sled is designed for compatibility with the Something Dummy for the ultimate and ONLY TOTAL TRAINING SYSTEM for HEADER, HEALER, and HORSE

Unlike sleds with horns that stick up and collapse, the Something Steer offers the most realistic head and horn configuration (including horn wrap) and angle of attack for the truest heading practice.  Plus, horns that won't collapse allow for complete header and head horse training, including dallying, turning, towing, facing and backing with the pressure of a real steer...training you just can't get with any other sled.

The load and lock dummy strap makes it easy for anyone to take the dummy on and off the sled.  The ability for a header and healer to make a complete run together makes it the perfect and most interactive sled for the family and team.  Numerous horn, body and head configurations allow for progression from easy to difficult training options.  

Unlike cheaper, less durable sleds, the Something Sled and Something Dummy are Made in the USA and backed by a 5 year warranty.


  • Over 200,000 training combinations
  • Quick latch load and lock dummy cable strap
  • Something Hocks System with springless collapsing hocks
  • Adjustable legs that can be set to five different independent positions
  • Leg spread range from 18” to 36”
  • Rotating hips with eight different settings
  • Inside and outside corner shot
  • Free swinging hocks drifter mode
  • Dummy tilt left, right and down
  • Realistic head and neck anatomy with horn wrap for accurate rope action
  • Bad Handle tow bungee for lifelike action and the safest dally practice on the market


  • Something Sled
  • 7’ bungee tow rope with 15’ total stretch length!
  • 7' Nylon Tow Rope with connection clip and quick release brass tow ring
  • DuraHocks solid roping legs

*Does NOT include the Something Dummy.



  • Sled Weight = 100 lbs
  • Dummy Weight = 35 lbs
  • Total Weight = only 135 lbs
    • Compare to:
      • Smarty & Heel-O-Matic Drifter at ± 200 pounds
      • Heel-O-Matic Trainer, & Smarty Xtreme at ± 300 pounds
    • Which means:
      • Less wear and tear on your 4-wheeler or UTV
      • No heavy tow bar or compression spring required
      • Easier to load in your truck or trailer by yourself
  • Assembled length: 60"-70”
  • Width of Skids: 48”


Compatible With:

  • Something Hocks Trifecta Ground/Fence/Hitch Heeling System
  • Something Hocks Hitch Adapter
  • Something Dummy
  • Replacement Bungee