Wadsworth Castrating Bander


Wadsworth Manufacturing XL Bander is a specially designed bloodless castration tool for use on bulls from approximately 250 to 750 pounds. Works like traditional plier banders, yet simpler! Causes less stress than crushing or cutting; does not require any tightening or crimping for application. Allows you to delay castration for better gain and growth in younger animals. Can be used on sheep and goats, and to remove horns and tails.

  • Requires no tightening or threading of any kind.
  • Allows the producer to reap the benefits of delayed castration.
  • Simple design.
  • Can be used for removing horns and docking tails.
  • Bands open in a triangle (4” x 3” x 3”).

Labeled for: beef and dairy calves, sheep and goats