SU-PER Glycerine


SU-PER®Glycerineis a pure, vegetable based glycerine, with many purposes around the barn area.

SU-PER®Glycerinehas drawing properties that can help to remove fluids from inflamed and swollen areas, which makes it a very popular additive to basic poultices and leg gels.

Its most commonly used as a topical sweating agent that can be applied directly from the bottle after competition to draw and soothe. It is also a popular pre-show neck sweat as it can be quickly diluted with water and applied under a neoprene wrap for fast results.

SU-PER®Glycerinecan also be used to moisturize and soften dry skin, remove rundown patches, soothe burns or skin irritations, and even to condition leather. Youll find many uses forSU-PER®Glycerine!

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