Fura-Free™ is a safe sweat and salve that helps promote healthy skin, and it’s Nitrofurazone free. This wonderful ointment protects and soothes minor cuts, scrapes, burns and cracked heels. The polyglycol base makes it a great sweat for horse’s legs, while the natural essential oils of Tea Tree, Myrrh, Thyme, Lemon Balm and Calendula help soothe minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

FURA-FREE™ has the following benefits for your horse: 

  • Heals cracked heels, burns, and abrasions faster than nitofurazone products
  • Protects and soothes minor cuts, scrapes and burns
  • Forms a thinner, more flexible scab, less likely to break open and bleed again
  • Contains the same type of polyglycol base which has a very low thermal conductivity, making it an excellent sweat.
  • Does not cause proud flesh
  • Best of all, FURA-FREE™ is nitrofurazone-FREE! Studies suggest that nitrofurazone has carcinogenic or cancer-causing properties. Read the human carcinogenic warning on the jar of nitrofurazone products: They warn you not to touch the product without gloves.

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