Smoky Valley Sunset Autumn Bone Canoe


All the knives in the Case Smoky Valley Sunset Autumn Bone Series feature mirror polished 1095 carbon steel blades with nail nicks. The handles are Smoky Valley Sunset Autumn jigged bone with brass pins, brass liners, and stamped nickel silver bolsters. The Canoe knife get its name from its canoe-like shaped handle. This durable folding knife features two blades on opposing ends, the spear blade and the pen blade. The spear blade is used as a heavy-duty utility tool and great for piercing. The pen blade is great for light work and good for sharpening. The Canoe knife can be used for fishing related jobs like cutting hooks off lines, cleaning fish, and cutting through finishing line easily. Made in Bradford, PA, USA from domestic and imported materials.

  • Mirror Finish carbon steel blades
  • Clip and Pen blades
  • Smoky Valley Sunset Autumn jig bone handle
  • Length: 3.63 inches closed and 2.8 ounces
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Note: Because we use hand-crafting and natural materials your knife may not look exactly as depicted.