ROPESMART Steer Roping Dummy - Smart ONE


THE " Smart ONE " Team Roping Dummy

Expose Your Bad Habits! Isolate and eliminate them! Learn the correct techniques and rope off the ground as you would on horse back. This is no ordinary "Roping Dummy" every part of its design is innovative and will help you be a better roper! Now you can practice on ground as you would on horseback, be warmed up and ready to go!

Heelers, no more unrealistic angles, poor deliveries like allowed on a saw horse. Deliver a loop like you would on live cattle however, if you start off with a poor delivery the "RopeSmart Steer" will expose them and allow you to correct your mistakes.

  • Head Removes and is stored in body
  • Head Rotates, Multiple Horn Lengths
  • Removable Blocker Post
  • Head and Heel, Collapsible Legs
  • Rope Storage On Sides

Click HERE for "The Runner" Calf Head

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Due to the size of the dummy boxes, some locations may require additional shipping charges, and you may be contacted for the balance.