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Professional's Choice SMB-3 Sports Medicine Boot -2 Pack


SMB-3™ Sports Medicine Boot
The SMB-3™ is a hybrid between the two best selling protective boots: the original SMB II® and the VenTECH™ SMB Elite™. The exterior is constructed with Professional’s Choice signature limestone-based neoprene. Together with an UltraShock™ lining, the SMB-3™ safeguards the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissue, while absorbing energy from hoof impact. The slightly longer suspensory strap stretches with each stride allowing full ankle movement, and helps to eliminate hyperextension of the fetlock. The SMB-3™ is cut back at the lower front to allow for proper fit when used with any Professional’s Choice bell boot. Lyrca binding stretches to create a more snug fit along the top and bottom of the boot, helping to keep dirt out. Once again, the Professional’s Choice motto is achieved, “The more comfortable the horse, the better the performance.” 30-Day money-back guarantee/one-year w¬arranty or as required by law. Sold in pairs.

NOTE: This item will be drop shipped from the manufacturer.