Professional's Choice Small Flower Collection


Available in four Mouthpiece options: Correction, Life Saver, Dogbone, and Chain.
  • 5 ¼” Mouth
  • 5 ¾” Cheek
  • The Correction mouthpiece features 4 moving parts which allow the horse to respond to subtle rein pressure, reducing heavy rein handling. Copper bars keep the horse’s mouth moist.
  • The twisted wire Lifesaver mouthpiece is slightly more aggressive than a smooth mouthpiece, which demands more response and respect from the horse. The Lifesaver piece features copper rings.
  • The dogbone applies more pressure to the outside of the bars, encouraging more flex and bend than a traditional two-piece snaffle. This dog bone also has rollers in the middle, a great soothing tool for an anxious horse.
  • The chain mouthpiece is mild, creating a slower reaction and release time.


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