Professional's Choice Loomis Collection


This Loomis shank is 8 ½” long. It has a relatively tall purchase, which provides more collection and faster engagement. 5 ½" Mouth.

  1. The correction mouthpiece encourages additional collection through the port, while the swivel achieves both flex and bend in the horse’s body. 2" Port.
  2. The medium port is mild, but allows for additional collection and break at the poll. 2" Port.
  3. The roller makes this port more aggressive than a normal port because the horse loses some of its tongue relief, however the roller can be a calming tool for an anxious horse. 2" Port.
  4. The two-piece snaffle conforms nicely in the horse’s mouth and encourages flex and bend.
  5. The two-piece twisted wire mouthpiece is slightly more aggressive than a smooth mouthpiece, which demands more response and respect from the horse.


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