Perfect Prep

Perfect Prep Supreme Paste


Perfect Prep EQ Supreme is a targeted calming formula that helps horses stay calm and focused during stressful situations. It provides a proprietary blend of ingredients that includes magnesium, inositol, thiamine, l-tryptophan, and Vitamin BeHave (a proprietary blend of B vitamins).

* Supports the optimal level of calming and focus for today’s performance horses
* Proprietary blend of B vitamins to replace nutrients depleted by stressful situations
* Fast acting paste increases the calming effect and lessens volatile, spooky response
* Maintains normal neuro pathways and metabolic responses to sugar and adrenaline
* Contains tryptophan and active ingredients NATURALLY present in the horse
* For maximum effect administer one full tube 90 minutes prior to performance
* 60cc tube = 1 dose