HOX Heel-O-Matic Roping Dummy


The HOX is a realistic stationary heeling dummy that is easy to store and transport. Bring this heeling dummy anywhere you go!

  • Lightweight, compact, and portable heeling dummy
  • Features solid foam legs to prevent rope slide
  • With a collapsible frame, this heeling dummy is easy to store and transport
  • Easily adjust this heeling dummy to fit your practice

With the HOX heeling dummy, you can take the confidence you’ve built on your Heel-O-Matic Training System at home, on the road with you. This quality heeling dummy can easily be installed on trailers, fences, and stalls, and we guarantee you that it’s the most realistic heeling dummy on the market. The hide-like wide legs have the ability to swing or lock into place for multiple positions, and its adjustable height and variable leg settings provide endless heeling scenarios. The collapsible, light-weight frame makes the Hox easy to store, transport and use anywhere you go.

  • Weight: 21 LBS


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