Healthy Coat Dog Food Supplement


Healthy Coat for dogs is a veterinarian approved supplement rich in the highest quality Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamins. These fragile nutrients, often lacking in dog food, provide nutritional maintenance for the benefit of skin and coat, joints, immune system and body condition. This product is ideal for dogs with excessive shedding, dry flaky skin, itching problems, poor hair coat, flea dermatitis, and hotspots. Dogs love it! It is all natural and has no preservatives. There are no chemicals used during the cold-press process. Contains no soy protein. Safe to be fed to all classes of dogs, puppies, pregnant, or nursing females. Directions: Mix in food daily. Dogs under 25 pounds - 1 pump (1 Tablespoon) Dogs 25 to 50 pounds - 2 pumps (2 Tablespoons) Dogs 51 to 75 pounds - 3 pumps (3 Tablespoons) Dogs over 75 pounds - 4 pumps (4 Tablespoons)

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