Hamilton Nylon Halter


Looking for a durable halter to get for everyone under your barn roof? Look no further. Hamilton's deluxe nylon halter features brass hardware and a brass buckle end. With fourteen different colors it's hard not to find your ranch or barn color.

Hamilton Halters are made with 1" triple ply nylon.


  • Foal/Mini - 100-200lbs.
  • Pony/Mini Donkey - 100-200lbs
  • Weanling/Large Pony - 200-300lbs
  • Yearling/Standard Donkey - 300-500lbs
  • Cob/Small Horse - 500-800lbs
  • Average Horse - 800-1100lbs
  • Large Horse - 1100-1600lbs
  • Draft - Over 1600lbs