EQ Body Wash - 32oz


Body Wash is designed to thoroughly cleanse the hair and skin of the animal without the need for scrubbing. By
reapplying the foam to the animal and allowing it to dry without rinsing, the hair and skin will not only be softened and properly moisturized but the food sources for bacteria and pests will be removed, making your animal healthier.

EQ Solutions Body Wash is formulated from plant seed esters. Therefore, it is naturally attracted to the proteins, sugars and fats that makeup grime.

EQ Solutions Body Wash is:

  • Safe & Effective
  • Easy & Quick
  • Free of Soap & Alcohol

1. Apply Foam
2. Rinse Thoroughly
3. Reapply & Let Dry

NOTE: For hard to clean white areas, wet the area first then apply the Body Wash full strength by hand and work
in with hand or brush.