Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellow Out


Cowboy Magic YellowOut Pet Shampoo will help give your neighing neighbor or furry friend a brilliant shine worthy of any blue ribbon. The PH-balanced formula neutralizes yellows stains to turn dull hair of any color into a beautiful, silky and pleasant smelling mane. Lived-in stains are no match to the powers of this purple toner! Cowboy Magic is safe to use on human hair as well, helping to neutralize yellow tones and restore natural shine and luster.

Key Benefits

  • Helps to neutralize yellow stains in horse, dog, cat and human hair.
  • Reveals shinier and silkier hair.
  • Wash into wet hair until the blue suds turn white, soak for a few minutes, rinse and repeat if needed.
  • Paw-fect for use on furry friends like dogs and cats and to clean horse hair of all colors, including white, roan, palomino, and paint.
  • Purple toner shampoo is a salon-worthy product crafted with gentle ingredients.


If your furry friend is using a topical flea and tick treatment, please remember to follow the bathing instructions on the flea and tick packaging. Each treatment works differently and may require different wait times before water exposure.

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