Blenders Platinum Sky Sunglasses


Style #BE3109

Elevate your activewear with ‘Platinum Sky.’ Polarized lens, durable frame, dynamic design—there’s a lot going on here! The wraparound aesthetic is the best coverage seen on any of our shades, and the matte rubberized finish is easy to grip and hard to beat up. There’s both nuance and boldness to the style, too. The crystal clear front frame and sides have a subtle application of satin silver metallic paint on the interior only; however, this sparkling paint douses the entirety of the ear tips, while the lens at front pulsates with pink/yellow tones for show-stopping effect. It all makes for a definite jewel in our lineup.

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Frame: Satin Metallic Silver
  • Lens Color: Polarized Pink
  • UV Rating: 100% UV Protection
  • Nose Pads: Adjustable
  • Temples: Adjustable
  • Fit / Size: Medium - Large
  • Vibe: Active