Biotin II 22X Super concentrated Pellet


BIOTIN II¬Æ 22X contains 22mgs. of Biotin per ounce, along with essential amino acids, trace minerals and live lactobacillus needed for nutrition and maintenance. Biotin II¬Æ 22X is truly the new standard in Biotin supplements! (Pellet) 

22 mgs. Biotin/oz.
Stabilized for extended potency
Live Lactobacillus

#1 Industry Rated product!

For moderate feeding levels, 3/4 ounce daily provides 16.5 mgs of Biotin at 43¬¢ per day. For higher feeding levels, 1 ounce daily provides 22 mgs of biotin at 57¬¢ per day. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS (PER OZ): 
d-Biotin 22 mg 
Sulfur 1,563 mg 
dl-Methionine 1,895 mg 
l-Lysine 1,563 mg 
l-Cystine 360 mg 
Pyridoxine 43 mg 
Manganese proteinate 50 mg 
Zinc proteinate 45 mg 
Copper proteinate 15 mg 
Selenium 1 mg 
Direct Fed Microbials 50 million CFU's