Digital Billboard - Media Kit

Catch the attention of commuters with our Digital Billboards!

Billboards increase product awareness and product knowledge, both of which translate to increased sales and profits. Billboard advertisement provides a lower cost per thousand than any other type of advertising – 80% less than TV commercials, 60% less than newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio ads.

An average of 153,000 cars pass this location on the interstate every day, that’s 22 MILLION possible chances a year to get your brand noticed!

Our billboards are 40’ high, full color digital display with automatically mirrored ads on both sides to catch traffic from both directions.

Loyalty goes a long way with us at Teskey’s, and because of your loyalty with us we are giving you premium access to be one of the limited number of vendors on our new Digital Billboards. On a 10 x 36 foot LED digital display we will make sure to catch everyone’s attention with your ad.

We have a digital billboard in front of the store replacing the top two static billboards, both East bound and West bound, reaching 22 million drivers annually. We will offer quarterly redesigns to your ad to make sure your content is up to date and promoting exactly what you want, when you want. Your ad will display 480 times a day on each side, on rotation at 8 seconds per spot.

Pricing for the billboards is $1,250/mo., a total of $15,000 annually or if you would like to pay for the year up front there is a discount of $250 per month. Your annual charge would then be $12,000.

In order to place your advertising onto the digital billboard, we will need the content you would like to display and any artwork and logos you would like included. Any art or logos should be sent in vector or jpg format and must be high resolution so that they reproduce nicely. Resolution should be at least 300 pixels tall by at most 1080 pixels wide and be 300dpi or higher. If you have any questions about resolution or file size, please give us a call for clarification. We will send a preview for approval before scheduling it on the billboard for display.


  • Screen Size: 10’x36’
  • Pixel Dimensions: 300x1080
  • Spot Length: 8 seconds
  • Loop Length: 3 minutes
  • Total Spots per Loop: 22*
  • Impressions per Hour: 20*
  • Impressions per Day: 480*

*Based on a full playlist



  • If paid annually: $12,000 - SAVES $3000
  • If paid monthly: $1,250/mo. ($15,000 annually)



If you have any questions contact us by email at or call Jordan Cooper at 888-955-2955.