Teskey's is Famous for our Used Saddle Collection, and we're always looking to buy your used saddles to keep our stock rotating! We buy (and sell) anything from barrels, cutters, ranch cutters, ropers, ranchers, trainers, reiners or pleasure saddles for our saddle floor, and you can even bring in your junior and youth saddles, too.

We have no restrictions on what we will purchase from you, we buy synthetic saddles, english saddles, australian saddles and even saddles that may have seen a little more use and need repair. We even have our own saddle shop and can do repairs for you if you'd rather stick with what you have, OR you can trade your saddle in towards a brand new one off the floor. And we don't consign saddles, you get your money immediately.

To begin this EASY process just bring in your saddle to our showroom in Weatherford or fill out the form below and email it along with photos of your saddle so we can evaluate and appraise it. We ask that you tell us what you want to get out of it, and we'll either accept your price or counter-offer what we can give. Once we both agree, the deal is done! You either get a check or credit towards something new.

See our Entire Used Saddle Collection Online Now.