Classic Equine BioFit Shim Pad


BioFit Pads features a strategically placed "buildup" that helps fill in the missing muscle mass often seen behind the shoulder. Decreased muscle behind the scapula can cause the saddle to run "downhill" and collapse on the spine at the withers. The BioFit Pad is designed to effectively level the saddle, providing comfort and improving the horse's performance. BioFit Pads provide saddle fit solutions for narrow-shouldered or high-withered- horses, or horses that have muscle atrophy due to ill-fitting saddles. Dense orthopedic grade felt absorbs shock and disperses pressure, while memory foam fills the void behind the shoulder with comfortable correction. A cutout over the withers offers greater clearance and spine relief. All BioFit Pads are contoured for a close fit, offering excellent protection while solving saddle fit issues. 
  • Closed cell foam shim is wedge shaped to alleviate saddle fit issues
  • Adjustable correction; slide forward for less, slide back for more
  • Premium grade felt bottom with shock absorbing wool felt center 
  • 7/8" total pad thickness
  • Sizes: 30" x 32" or 31" x 32"