Hamilton 1" Deluxe Nylon Halter - Draft Horse Size


This nylon deluxe halter features high quality hardware in a wide variety of colors, along with our premium strength nylon.

  • Solid Brass Hardware
  • Double Thick Premium Nylon for Unparalleled Quality
  • Quilted Stitching for Durable Construction
  • Rolled throat for comfort
  • Triple Thick Cheek and Chin Straps


Making sure your horse has the perfect halter fit will ensure safety and comfort ability. Make sure the nose band sits two to three finger widths below the cheek bone and the cheek piece is parallel to the cheek bone. For a comfortable yet secure fit, you should be able to slip three fingers inside the nose band, throat latch, and under the chin.
    • Foal: 100-200 lbs
    • Weanling: 200-300 lbs
    • Yearling: 300-500 lbs
    • Small Horse: 500-800 lbs
    • Average Horse: 800-100 lbs
    • Large Horse: 1100-1600lbs