Sherry Cervi Diamond Floral Short Shank II Twisted Wire Dogbone


Delivering quick pick up and release, the Sherry Cervi Diamond Short Shank Three Piece Gag Bit features a light stainless steel mouthpiece for effortless contact. The "short shank" design offers moderate leverage suitable for horses starting barrel training or horses with a more sensitive mouth. This bit has a nice, soft rate and helps lift the shoulders and body through turns.

The three-piece twisted wire mouth applies strong pressure to the bars and outer tongue when the mouthpiece is engaged, while the center dog bone-shaped link applies concentrated pressure on the center of the tongue for stronger, more immediate contact. Black rubber bit guards prevent pinching and maintain comfort.

This bit's shank length is identical to that of the purchase, which makes for optimal balance and feel. When those measurements are not equal, the bit can pitch forward in your horse's mouth, lacking balance and reducing feel and responsiveness. The shank's tipped-back design and short length makes this bit milder than a similar style with straighter long shanks would be. The shanks feature a diamond plate and floral border design.

This Diamond Short Shank II Twisted Wire Dogbone is identical to the original Diamond Short Shank, but with a limited gag for horses that do not need the extra collection.
  • 6" Shank


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