Silver Lining

Silver Lining #37 Kidney Support


Kidneys are another area where today's horses are put under extreme stress with a chemical environment. The kidneys primary function is to cleanse the blood and produce urine, which excrete wastes; due to the critical and body-encompassing nature of this job, improvement in kidney function will help restore and relieve a wide range of systems and symptoms. #37 Kidney Support helps maintain optimal kidney function, and may be beneficial in:

General bladder and kidney issues
Bone issues, such as calcium deposits, spurs, navicular etc
Behavior issues such as general crankiness, poor haulers, general discomfort
Performance issues such as avoiding hard stops and turns
Fluid retention, "stocking up" in lower legs
Looking at sides, abnormally frequent lying down, acting colicky but won't roll
Mineral buildup in kidneys
Muscle degeneration
Soreness in back, joints or feet, or tight muscles
Tendon, ligament or joint issues
Toe pointing
Won't relax, especially while being ridden

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