Meat Lovers Acrylic Charcuterie Sticks - 6 pk Combo


Embellish your charcuterie boards with our stylish "Party Piks!"

Perfect for parties & entertaining!

  • Sold in sets of 6 (1 of each design)
  • Each Party Pik is 3" tall
  • BPA free
  • Caution! Sharp edges!
  • Handle with care to avoid chipping, scratching, & breaking
  • Keep out of reach of children under the age of 10--if broken can present a choking hazard if swallowed
  • Wash Instructions
  • Hand rinse with warm water or light soap & warm water.
  • Do not wash in the dishwasher. Hand wash only.
  • Do not use in food/beverages that exceed 195 Degrees
  • Don't throw us away! We are reusable!