Trevor Brazile Relentless Felt Gel Pad by Cactus


Spine- Contoured shape runs the full length of the pad and wraps completely around the cutout to reduce stress on the pad and provide long-lasting leather reinforcement. 

Felt- 1/2" or 3/4" 100% real wool felt: the ultimate for long-lasting durability. Cactus Saddlery uses one piece of continuous felt to reduce stretching and pulling, so it will not tear at the seam and break down. The contoured shape allows for snug fit with both the saddle and the curves of the horses's back. Finished with high quality oil tanned wear leathers.

Shock Absorbing Gel Inserts- Run the full length of the pad to reduce stress on the pressure pints caused by movement of the saddle and rider.

Orthopedic Felt- 1/4" of the purest wool felt available. Pulls heat and moisture away from the horse's back. Provides and extra layer of shock absorption while keeping its shape and consistency.


DISCLAIMER: Due to lack of supplies the leather on the saddle pad may not be natural as shown in photo. You may receive a pad with black leather.