Total Calm & Focus Canine


Total Calm and Focus is a highly beneficial, natural formula developed to calm your nervous, anxious canine while enhancing focus. The stress hormone cortisol is released in response to high intensity exercise, noise and excessive stimulus. High levels of cortisol are related to fatigue, mood changes and depression.

Ramisol™ is a cutting edge product that helps minimize increases in normal cortisol levels induced by rigorous activity and is backed by studies proving it’s ability. Magnesium and a balanced blend of B-vitamins are added which have shown to be very beneficial in nervous, hyper dogs.

Total Calm & Focus is a natural, non-drowsy choice used for: 
HyperactivitySeparation problems, social issues and destructive or aggressive behaviorExcessivve barking, scratching or diggingThunderstorms and fireworksGrooming and trips to the veterinarianTraveling and boating

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