SU-PER Mineral Oil


SU-PER®Mineral Oilis pure, white mineral oil used as an intestinal lubricant in horses. It acts as a laxative by lubricating fecal material and the intestinal mucosa. It also reduces reabsorption of water from the gastrointestinal tract, thereby increasing fecal bulk and decreasing intestinal transit time.

SU-PER®Mineral Oilsupports normal intestinal evacuation in instances of impaction or constipation. It can also be given alone of mixed with psyllium to clear sand from the intestinal tract if sand colic is a concern.

Mineral Oil can also be used as a hoof conditioner, and can help provide moisture to dry, brittle hooves.

SU-PER®Mineral Oilis refined to render it tasteless and odorless, it is not absorbed, and does not increase body heat. Give 1 pint per 1,200 pounds body weight, or as directed by a veterinarian. Use of a nasogastric tube for administration may be necessary, as horses rarely will ingest large amounts of mineral oil voluntarily. If you have any concerns about how to properly give mineral oil, speak to your veterinarian.

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