Professional's Choice

Professional's Choice VenTECH SMB Elite 4-Pack Sport Medicine Boots - Pattern


++++++ Select patterns are available on a limited basis, please allow 7-10 days for shipping +++++

Now with VenTECH technology, the Elite Sports Medicine Boot is lightweight and multi-layered with a ventilated neoprene exterior and UltraShock lining. Ventilated neoprene conforms to your horse, allows heat and moisture to escape, and keeps your horse cool, comfortable and performing at its best.

As an incentive to conscientious horsemen who realize the benefits of booting all four legs, we are offering a Value 4-Pack which contains a full set of both front and rear VenTECH Elites at a substantial savings. We receive countless affirmations from horsemen crediting our Sports Medicine Boots with saving their horses from catastrophic leg injuries. According to a study conducted at the University of Minnesota, thoroughbred race horses booted with front SMBs exhibited increased comfort wearing the boots as they shifted their weight forward. Combining the high level of protection and energy absorption with minimal effects on the gait, the Sports Medicine Boot is a valuable tool in prevention of lower limb injuries during training and performance, as well as a valuable addition to the treatment regime for rehabilitating horses with limb injuries. Booting all four legs allows the horse to comfortably maintain its normal distribution of weight.

*Turquoise colors may vary

NOTE: This item may be drop shipped from the manufacturer.

* VenTECH Value 4-Pack
* Size: Medium or Large
* 360 Degree of Impact Protection
* Prevents Hyperextension of the Fetlock
* Provides Support and Balance for the Horse's Entire Suspensory System.