Professional's Choice Greeley Gag Collection


This 9-1/4" long shank gives the rider leverage when needed. The limited travel of the cheek provides excellent shoulder lift as well as collection. This encourages the horse to stay on their hind end around the turn and to break at the poll. This is a great bit for a finished horse that needs to stay round and keep their shoulder up in the turn. 5-1/8" Mouth.

  • The smooth two-piece snaffle conforms to the horse’s mouth nicely.
  • The dog bone mouthpiece applies more pressure to the outside of the bars, providing more flex and bend than a traditional two-piece snaffle. This dog bone also has a roller in the middle, a great soothing tool for an anxious horse.
  • The two-piece twisted wire mouthpiece is slightly more aggressive than a smooth mouthpiece, which delivers more response and respect from the horse.
  • The mild chain mouthpiece allows for excellent bend and creates a slower reaction time between horse and rider.
  • The twisted low port mouthpiece is slightly more aggressive and provides the benefit of extra collection while still allowing for flexion and bend in the horse’s body.
  • The low ported mouthpiece helps with collection while allowing for flexion and bend in the body.


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