Perfect Prep

Perfect Prep Sane N Sound


The most complete solution for pre-event anxiety. Addresses the three causes of equine anxiety: gastric distress, pain and overstimulation. Perfect Prep EQ Sane & Sound combines calming support, soundness support and gastric comfort to create a show ready horse or pony. 

  • Each syringe includes calming support, soundness support and enhances gastric comfort to provide significant improvement in focus and as well as an overall sense of wellbeing.
  • Generous 60cc of targeted active ingredients in an easy-to-feed, palatable paste.
  • Long lasting effects begin between 2-4 hours and continue for 18+ hours.
  • May be combined with any Perfect Prep formula including 
  • Contains no prohibited substances. 

Suggested Use


For maximum effect feed one syringe (60cc) 12 hours prior to performance and one syringe 4 hours prior to performance. Effects begin 2 hours after administration. May alternatively administer two syringes 4 hours prior to performance. Effects are cumulative with daily use.