Nettles Rustic Wrangler Stirrups


We call it a Flatbottom. Some call it a Bell. No matter. This all-around stirrup is built slightly wider across its base so your boot sits comfortably on the tread, unhindered by the stirrup sides. A slight rise, like an arch in a shoe helps set your foot for a good ride.**Item may not be in stock at our Weatherford location. If so, we will drop-ship it from the manufacturer. May take up to 3 weeks. --- “The Leveler” may be added to any new pair of stirrups ordered. The Nettles Stirrups, already known to help remove ache from the knees and pain from the hip, now has an addition known as “The Leveler” that does even more for the body and the ride. “The Leveler”, which fits the throat of any Nettles Stirrup, removes even the slightest stirrup tilt caused from twisted stirrup leathers. Stirrups become unleveled when the twist raises the outside leather, which in turn raises the outside of the stirrup. An unleveled stirrup causes a foot to tilt, stressing the ankle. Like sand in your shoe, even the smallest tilt can cause discomfort.