Indian Touch of Gallup

Rick Enricuez #8 Turquoise Cuff


The Number Eight (Number 8 or #8) turquoise mine in Eureka County north of Carlin, Nevada was discovered in 1925 and first mined in 1929.  At present, the mine is closed to turquoise mining; it is mined today for gold.

The mine produced some of the largest nuggets of turquoise ever discovered.  Almost all the turquoise produced is of the spider web type, with the matrix varying from golden brown to black. The colors grade from very light blue to very dark blue, some with interesting tints of green.  As with most mines, Number 8 turquoise has certain characteristic colors and matrix patterns that are very easily identified. Today, the darker shades of blue Number 8 turquoise are quite rare and highly valued by collectors.