Large - Quad Treatment Wound Care Kit


Keep these in your barn, your trailer, and your pickup. Enough of everything in this creative small kit to take care of an average equine wound at least four times. The products are all right there for you.

This Quad Care Kit features: 13 different products and 73 total items: medical towels (APP002); small sterile dressings (BND002); non-adherent dressing (BND003); non-sterile dressing (BND001); long wooden handled cotton tipped applicator (APP001); povidone iodine swabsticks (CLN003); wood applicators (APP003); antibiotic (HUM003); benzalkonium chloride sanitizers (CLN002); alcohol pads (CLN00001); exam gloves (EQM002); adhesive tape (BND006); iodine wipes (CLN008).