ICEHORSE Back Blanket with 10 Cold Inserts


Designed to tackle equine back problems particularly common in performance horses. Contoured design provides maximum coverage from the withers and shoulder blades, along the spine and over the Sacroiliac joint. Excellent for use in recovery after kissing spine surgery.

The surcingle's design minimizes migration of the Back Blanket and keeps the cold compressed against the horse's back.  Easy peel velcro makes application and removal simple. 

Reusable Cold Capsule Inserts stay cold for over two hours allowing maximum penetration of cold therapy to deep muscle and connective tissue. Therapeutic benefits of cooling  are achieved with Ice Horse Cold Capsule Inserts because they:

  • Cool 3x longer than gels: More cooling time means cold can penetrate to deep muscle and connective tissue
  • Are reusable
  • Refreeze within hours
  • Coated with Microbe Care® for antimicrobial and antibacterial protection

The Ice Horse Back Blanket is also suitable for use after trailering your horse to alleviate the soreness that may occur after a long haul from constantly adjusting their weight in the trailer.