ICEHORSE All-Purpose Wrap with 2 Cold Inserts


The Ice Horse® All-Purpose Wrap with reusable inserts is designed to provide treatment to hard-to-cool areas like fetlocks, necks, shoulders, and upper legs. The All-Purpose Wrap provides uniform compression and coverage to reduce inflammation—perfect for bumps and bruises anywhere on your horse!

Therapeutic benefits of cooling are achieved with Ice Horse Cold Capsule Inserts because they:

  • Cool 3 x longer than gels
  • Stay Colder longer = Therapeutic level cold therapy
  • Mold to the horse’s leg and/or body
  • Coated with Microbe Care® for antimicrobial and antibacterial protection

Ice Horse All Purpose Wrap is made with a breathable anti-migration fabric which keeps the Cold Capsule Inserts compressed against the area being treated. Easy peel velcro closures make application and removal  simple- no  yanking or jerking on tabs to undo.