Racehorse Strength Equi-Block is the number one equine topical pain reliever sold worldwide. The reason for this is simple, effectiveness and results!
Racehorse Strength Equi-Block blocks more pain, decreases more inflammation, works faster, lasts longer (most horses receive up to 24 hours of pain relief), requires less product and less applications to achieve desired results!
Racehorse Strength Equi-Block will not scurf or blister and will absolutely not test positive.
Racehorse Strength Equi-Block has proven itself to be extremely effective on several kinds of degenerative joint disease such as arthritis, bursitis, bone chips, etc. in the knees, hocks, fetlocks and stifles. It is also very effective at relieving soft tissue soreness such as strained suspensories, bowed tendons, bucked shins, splint and curb problems. EquiBlock is very effective on hoof pain; it has the unique ability to decrease hoof inflammation when applied to the coronet and pastern. Before using Equi-Block on hoof problems, please consult your Veterinarian for proper evaluation of the hoof.
Note: This product is not a cure. It is meant to be used as a means of alleviating pain to expedite the natural healing process so that your horse can be more comfortable and perform at the best of his or her natural ability.
Directions: Apply just enough Racehorse Strength Equi-Block to cover the affected area evenly by hand. Apply to both sides of a joint where applicable (i.e. if applying to hock rub into front, sides and back of hock). This gives maximum pain relieving results as nerve endings can pick up pain signals from several different angles. Always slick the hair down in its natural direction. Remove any excess. Do not wrap the area, as this will most likely cause unnecessary discomfort for your animal. Do not apply more than 3 to 4 times daily. During the initial application of Racehorse Strength Equi-Block, pain relief will generally last from 3 to 5 hours depending on the nature of your horse's condition. If you use Equi-Block on a regular basis, the length of time the pain relief lasts will gradually increase with each subsequent application. The amount of Equi-Block required to maintain pain relief will also decrease as Substance P is depleted from the nerve endings. In other words, the more often Equi-Block is used the less product you have to use and the longer the pain relief lasts. We suggest three applications daily through the recovery process.
Equi-Block will begin to actively work within 30 seconds. Yes, it works that fast! This does not mean that your animal is cured of the lameness by any means. Racehorse Strength Equi-Block simply and effectively takes away pain, which in turn greatly increases recovery time without the use of drugs. A
pplication Tips: Knees
Because there are less nerve endings and surrounding muscle tissue in the knee than in the larger body parts such as the stifle or whirlbone areas, pain relief should occur fairly rapidly, usually on the first application within 30 to 60 minutes. In instances of severe pain, 2 or 3 applications over a 24 hour period may be required to achieve total pain relief.
Fetlocks As per the knee, less nerve endings in the fetlock make this one of the easier joints to provide almost instantaneous pain relief to. Relief should be achieved on the first application in approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Again, in instances of severe pain, 2 to 3 applications over a 24 hour period may be necessary to achieve maximum results. Daily applications will reduce inflammation and provide longer lasting pain relief, most horses should receive 18 to 24 hours of pain relief after several applications.
Hocks Because the number of nerve endings in the hock are greater than that of the knee or fetlock, application of Equi-Block to this area does not provide as quick a reduction in pain as seen in the knee or fetlock. In order to provide the same total pain relieving results it will be necessary to apply Equi-Block twice daily for the first three days (morning and evening). It should then only be necessary to apply once daily to maintain relief.
Stifles & Whirlbones These are the hardest joint to provide pain relief to. In order to provide the results necessary to see a noticeable improvement, you will have to apply Equi-Block twice a day for 5 consecutive days. If you faithfully stick to this routine, you will see results!
Also, when applying Equi-Block to the stifle area, rub it in on the inside as well as the front and the outside. A major nerve branch extends down into this joint from the inside; you must apply Equi-Block over this nerve in order to see optimum pain relief to this area.
Hoofs In most instances, hoof pain can be totally eliminated using the following method. Initially it will require 2 applications per day for 3 to 5 consecutive days before maximum results are achieved. After which time, depending on the severity, it may only be necessary to apply once per day. Because you cannot penetrate the hoof wall externally, you must block the transmission of pain and inflammation from above. To achieve this, apply Equi-Block from half way down the fetlock over the entire pastern and around the coronet. Remember to apply completely around these areas. If the horse has a quarter or heel crack, care must be taken not to get Equi-Block on these areas.