Bunkhouse Human First Aid Medical Station


This kit is specifically crafted for the people who work with and around your horses, livestock, dogs, cats, and other barn animal companions and farm yard pets. This is a human first aid kit, designed for tending to the potential emergencies, injuries and health care needs of you, your family, friends, staff, helpers, visitors and guests. Accidents can happen just as often, if not more often, to the humans who care for your animals, and this kit is designed to help take care of these emergency needs. This kit was designed with the ranch bunkhouse in mind, or the stable office, Indoor and outdoor arena's,  or the social gathering areas of your facilities. With the various ranch gatherings for calving, brandings, sorting, grouping, weaning and moving cattle, where many hands turn out to help, injuries can happen at the turn of a loop, so be prepared. Likewise at your stable or barn, where folks gather for events, practicing, and leisure time with horses - don't assume that accidents won't happen - and don't be caught unprepared ! !. This kit will afford you everything necessary to tend to most human first aid emergencies and needs. So rest assured that you can care for the people who care for horses, livestock and animals. This kit comes in a sturdy, totally secure, ammo styled box, with air and water tight rubber seal, easy carry handle, lockable, and removable tray.

Rate To Service: 35 Humans

White Gear Box; Medical Towels; Small & Medium Sterile Dressing; Non-Adherent Dressing; Small Non-Sterile Dressings; Povidone Iodine Swabsticks; Wood Applicators; Long Wooden Handled Applicators; Cleansing Wipes; Exam Gloves; 2” Cohesive Roll; Burn Gel; Topical Cool Gel; Hydrocortisone Cream; Analgesic; Sunscreen; Insect Repellent; Tourniquet; Pocket Scalpels; Ibuprofen; Aspirin; ¾” & 1" Self-Adhesive Bandages; Butterfly Self-Adhesive Bandages; Antacid; Bandage Pins; Microbial & Germicidal Wipes; Sting Relief Wipes; Iodine Wipes; Lip Balm; 2" Elastic Adhesive Tape; Flashlight; Hydrogen Peroxide; Small & Large Instant Cold Pack; Thumb Forceps; Adhesive Tape; Triangle Bandage; Povidone Iodine Scrubs; Emergency Blanket; EMT Shears; Wind & Water Proof Camp Matches; Sting Relief Swabs; Antacid; Antibiotic; Rolls of White & Brown Gauzes; Alcohol Wipes; Bandage Pins; Eye Wash; Betadine Solution; Bandage Scissors; White Petroleum Jelly.

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