Barn Equine First Aid Medical Kit - Large Barn Medical Station


This Medical Station is designed for horse owners who have a "herd" to tend. This kit rolls around your barn delivering plenty of product to meet your needs. This medical kit pretty much has it all. We've packed a lot more 3M Animal Care products in to this kit, a larger variety of liniments, poultices, ointments, dressings, bandages, and equipment, to aid you in emergency first responder care. The products in this kit should help you sustain your injured or sick animal until your veterinarian can get to the scene, or until you can transport your horse to the veterinary clinic. This medical station features a retractable handle, heavy duty wheels and is lockable. This cantilevered case delivers three levels of storage when opened on roller glides, providing a large footprint and a very stable set up. The very top section reveals a lift-out tray, over a compartment. The mid section of the kit is compartmentalized, with removable dividers for customization. The bottom section is deep and houses your larger products, equipment and bandaging supplies. This mobile case is luggage style and moves and repositions easily and readily to where it is need. Two people can work together out of this kit as most of the essential equipment in this kit is offered in duplicate. 

Rated To Service: From 11 to 18 Horses

Size:  29" Tall; 21" Wide; 13" Deep

Stanley Mobile Work Station; Long Wooden Handled Applicators; Medical Towels; Wood Applicators; Small Non-Sterile Dressings; Small, Medium & Large Sterile Dressings; Non-Adherent Dressings; 2”, 4” & 6” Cohesive Tape Rolls; Cotton Rolls; Adhesive Tape; 2" & 4” Elastic Adhesive Tape Rolls; Alcohol Wipes; Cleansing Wipes; Povidone Iodine Swabsticks; Eye Wash; Betadine Surgical Scrubs; Iodine Wipes; Hydrogen Peroxide; Alcohol; Betadine; Saline Wipes; Flashlights; Exam Gloves; Hoof Picks; Tourniquets; Pocket Scalpels; Bandage Scissors; Bandage Pins; Thumb Forceps; Wrap Cutters; Sharp’s Container; Stethoscope; EMT Shears; Digital Thermometer; Dr. Kellon’s Equine First Aid Book; Fly Repellent; Aspirin; Ibuprofen; Antibiotic Ointment; Analgesic; Lip Balm; Sting Relief Wipes; Insect Repellent; Sunscreen; ¾” Self-Adhesive Bandages; 1” Self-Adhesive Bandages; Butterfly Self-Adhesive Bandages; Triangular Bandages; Emergency Blankets; Calm & Cool Paste; Cough Calm Paste; Electrolyte Paste; Probias Paste; Epsom Salts; Liniment; Gentle Iodine; Antiseptic; Epsom Salts Poultice; DMSO Liniment; Nitrofurazone; Ichthammol Ointment; Bloodstop Powder; 3M 12” Gamgee; 3M Animalintex Poultice; 3M Animalintex Hoof Poultice; Blue Kote Spray; Red Kote Spray; Microbial & Germicidal Towelettes; Rolled White & Brown Gauze Rolls; Wound Kote; 3cc, 6cc, 10cc, 20cc & 30cc Syringes; 18g X 1”, 20g X 1”, 18g X 1.5” & 20g X 1.5” Hypodermic Needles.

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