5 Star 3/4" Cinnamon Wool Pad


Five Star Equine produces 100% virgin wool felt pads specifically designed to fit what is right for horses and mules. Features top quality, pressed, high density felt for the base pad component and wear leathers on the sides and top line. Special attention is given to wither height, back line variance and hip placement which results in a great fitting saddle pad that conforms to the shape of your horse of mule without "break-in" fitting. 

Contoured, Conformed Fit
20% Less Cinching Needed
All Natural, 100% Wool Felt with 40% MORE Virgin Wool than ANY other 100% Wool Pad
3X More Compression Protection than Synthetic Neoprene Pads
Even Weight Distribution &
Impact Absorption
4X Greater Wicking Ability
Eliminates Heat Build-up
2000+ Hours of Maximum
Riding Protection
Soft & Durable, Easy Clean-up