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3 Dog EZ Wash Fleece Lounger Dog Bed


Ez Wash Fleece Lounger dog bed supplies superior comfort and support in a polyester filled bed.
Our exclusive EZ wash design allows for easy removal of the sleep surface and bolster for cleaning.
Cover is easily removable and machine washable.
100% high loft polyester filled sleep surface is individually filled to exacting specifications to ensure proper fill amount for best performance.
Chambered interior bed liner keeps fill evenly distributed throughout the sleep surface.
MED Exterior 27″ x 39″ x 10″, Interior 19″ x 30″,
LRG Exterior 33″ x 48″ x 10″, Interior 25″ x 39″
Content: 100% Polyester Canvas and fleece material.
Highest quality materials and construction techniques.
3 Dog Pet Supply Guaranteed for quality and craftsmanship.
Dog bed covers are imported and beds are assembled and filled in the USA.