ConairPRO Medium Dog Shedding Blade


  • PERFECT DESHEDDING TOOL - The shedding blade is an ideal excess hair remover and coat grooming tool for your pets. So, tackle the shedding season like a pro and give your pet a clean, salon-like grooming with CONAIRPRO dog & cat Large Shedding Blade
  • VERSATILE APPLICATON - The shedding blade is made of stainless steel and can easily be bent into a loop and used on large breed dogs or even horses. It helps to keep your pet's coat smooth without any tangles or excess hair and maintain the shine
  • DUAL-SIDED BLADE - The fine teeth serrated side removes loose or excess fur/ hair, while the smooth side brushes out excess water after bathing or scrubbing the pet. It not only helps you groom them better but also gives more bonding time with your pet
  • NON-SLIP GRIP HANDLE - Features a non-slip handle that allows you have full control while grooming you furball. The blade is designed to make the deshedding process hassle-free. Perfect for shedding season, it keeps the floors of your house hair-free
  • HOW TO USE - To use the shedding blade straight, pull the grip handle and separate the handles so that you can hold the blade flat for use on larger areas of your dog. Use in the direction of hair-growth for maximum advantage

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