Ghost Control AXZ ZombieLock Automatic Gate Latch/Lock


The ZombieLock® is a superior lock/latch for automatic gate opener systems to keep your vehicular driveway gates securely latched in the closed position. This lock is controlled by the gate system controller and is automatically released before the gate operator begins opening the gate. This feedback loop prevents the gate opener from moving the gate before the lock is fully disengaged. The AXZL ZombieLock

  • Has a patented design and functionality
  • Is THE ONLY gate lock that works with GHOST CONTROLS® gate opener systems
  • Utilized proprietary ZombieCode® to keep your gate system locked even when the power is out
  • Works with most other brands of gate openers (limited functionality without ZombieCode®) that utilize a 12V DC Accessory output
  • Includes keyed cylinder to allow unlocking manually with a set of included keys
  • Requires  AXTB Universal Tube Bracket Kit not included) for installation on Tubular Gates 

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