Ghost Control AXWK Wireless Keypad


The GHOST CONTROLS® AXWK Premium Wireless Keypad is the superior gateway to your  automatic gate opener system and provides unprecedented leading-edge control and features. This weatherproof outdoor keypad is more than just an access point for visitors to your home or property. The unique keypad design and special keys also provide the ability for you to activate or deactivate unique features for your system such as PartyMode, 1Key, PartyModeSecure gate controller battery status, and VacationMode

Our battery-powered keypad requires a remote transmitter to already be programmed into your system so that it can easily be “learned” into your gate controller. Once the the gate controller has “learned” your keypad, you can then easily access using dedicated keys, additional features not available on other competitor automatic gate opener keypads.

For added convenience, the keypads are designed for direct installation on the Outdoor Mounting Pedestal or may be easily mounted to any flat wood or metal surface surface such as a 4″x4″ wood post with the included hardware pack. Some customers may choose to install a keypad on each side of the gate so that entry or exit from either direction can access a keypad to activate the gate opener system.

The Wireless Keypad requires two (2) C batteries (not included) for operation.  These batteries should be replaced on an annual basis in most installations for continued reliability throughout all seasons of the year.

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