Ghost Control AXP1 Premium Remote Transmitter


AXP1 5-Button Premium Remote Transmitter will control two different automatic gate opener systems (single or dual) by providing the ability to open or close, enable or disable, PatryMode and determine the gate opener system battery status. It can be quickly added as a new remote to an existing GHOST CONTROLS® system with the “Learn” button. The compact high-tech design and proprietary features makes this wireless remote a market leader.

All GHOST CONTROLS® remote transmitters feature:

  • Works with all GHOST CONTROLS single and/or dual opener systems
  • Transmitters typically transmit 400′-500′ on average with up to 1000′ of range in optimal conditions
  • Easily learned into system from existing remote already controlling the operation using the Learn button
  • Each transmitter includes two access buttons that can control one or two different single or dual Ghost Controls gate opener systems from each transmitter
  • Dedicated buttons for PatryMode (hold open) and Testing System Battery status
  • Includes vehicle visor clip (4 position)
  • Long-life CR2032 lithium coin-cell battery that will provide long periods of service before requiring tool-less replacement
  • Power-saving features to prevent accidental discharge of the battery in your pocket, purse, or backpack
  • LED light to indicate when GhostCode is being transmitted

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