Stops topical bacterial and fungal diseases NOW!!
A revolutionary pharmaceutical grade equine wash that effectively treats topical fungal infections, scratches, hives and skin allergy conditions on horses.
Reconditions coat and leaves skin clean, brighter whites with show condition shine. Eliminates dry or flakey skin on your horse. Uses no soaps or alcohol.
Veterinarian tested and approved.

BIOWASH is an everyday wash that stops fungal dermatitis and keeps the animal's coat in top condition. Ideal for use on horses, cattle, dogs and cats, BIOWASH may be used for both curative and preventative conditions. Clinically tested and recommended by Veterinarians, this all natural ingredient based topical wash is the preferred choice of many trainers and performance horse owners. This is the only wash that is clinically tested and proven to effectively control many forms of topical dermatitis including girth itch, rain rot, ring worm and is non allergenic for sensitive skins.

Available Sizes:
32 oz. with Hose End Sprayer
1 Gallon