Deluxe Wound Care Kit


Many equine emergency management dilemmas center around caring for wounds to horses, who seem to find about anything to injure themselves on. EquiMedic’s new line of complete wound care medical kits are closely associated to our popular Disposable Mini Wound Care Medical Kits. Our new large complete medical wound care kits are equipped to handle the various instances of wound injuries, for a number of horses, and repeated care of those wounds while they heal. This kit is presented in our smaller triple-section medical kit bag, giving it amble space to accommodate its ten and one half pounds. The center section offers two rows of elastic loops to hold bottles, jars, and equipment that comes standard. Two outer sections offer additional storage. Many horse owners prefer to deal at home strictly with physical equine injuries, and choose not to deal with other ailments first hand. The Large Wound Care Equine Medical Kit is carefully designed to care for physical and superficial wounds, which are normally discovered and well care for by horse owners at home.

Rated To Service:  4 to 10 Horses

EquiMedic USA Soft-Sided Small Triple -Section Medical Bag;  Long Wooden Handled Applicators; Medical Towels;  Wood Applicators;  Non-Sterile Dressings;  Small, Medium & Large Sterile Dressings;  Non-Adherent Dressings;  Rolled White & Brown Gauzes;  Alcohol Wipes;  Sanitizing Wipes;  Povidone  Iodine Swabstick;  Iodine Wipes;  Microbial & Germicidal Wipes;  Exam Gloves;  Tourniquets;  2”, 4” & 6” Cohesive Wrap;  Cotton Roll;  4" Elastic Adhesive Tape;  Betadine Surgical Scrubs; Hydrogen Peroxide; Alcohol; Betadine Solution; Flashlight; Thumb Forceps; Bandage Scissors;  Small & Large Instant Cold Packs;  Antiseptic Ointment;  Triple Antibiotic; Bloodstop Powder; Wound Kote; Pocket Scalpel; Bandage Pins; Wrap Cutter; ¾” & 1” Self-Adhesive Bandages; Butterfly Self-Adhesive Bandages; Gentle Iodine.