Comstock Heritage Collection

At Teskey's, we're proud to feature a stunning selection of Comstock Heritage jewelry, buckles and accessories to choose from. Family-operated since 1886, Comstock Heritage is one of America's oldest western silversmiths still in business today. James Stegman began as a silversmith apprentice at the age of 12. Working his way up the ladder by learning every aspect of the business, he mastered each process necessary to create a true work of art. James has continued the practice of designing new Comstock Heritage products while updating the old traditions for today's styles. 

Comstock Heritage buckles are unique and handmade from start to finish. Beginning as a sheet of sterling silver and 14K or 18K gold, the buckle is cut from the sheet at which point details are hand-soldered and hand-engraved, depending on the design. Comstock Heritage's product line is quite extensive and features traditional western buckles, as well as modern fashion buckles, jewelry, barware, money clips and much more. Let Comstock Heritage provide the perfect heirloom piece that can be passed down through generations.